June 10, 2016

Welcome to the A.R. Wentz Library Blog!

Hello and welcome to the A.R. Wentz Library Blog! This platform was created with the intention of keeping Gettysburg Seminary students, faculty, staff, patrons, and the Gettysburg community up-to-date with the latest happenings in the library. You can expect to see posts related to what's going on in our library and campus, featured content from the Seminary Archives, reading recommendations, and images--lots of images!

This blog, however, is not just for Gettysburg Seminarians. It is also intended to reach wider audiences across the globe. "From the Seminary Archives..."content will focus on historical themes and narratives that will be relatable to those inside and outside our community. Library staff recommendations will encompass what's trending in the theological, academic, literary, and pop culture worlds. This blog is a place that welcomes all walks of life and we hope that you will join our virtual community!

To stay connected with our blog you can subscribe by email on the right hand side of this web page, add us on Google + or just bookmarking our page. You can also follow the LTSG Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page to stay updated.

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